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Freshen Your Breath on Long Journeys

Long journeys, whether by car, plane, bus, or train, can be tiring and uncomfortable. One common problem many people face during these trips is bad breath. Keeping your breath fresh is important not only for your comfort but also for the comfort of those around you. Fresh breath can make your long journey much more pleasant. With a little preparation and attention to your oral hygiene, you can keep your breath fresh no matter how long your journey is.

Brush and Floss Before You Leave

The best way to start a long journey is with a clean mouth. Before you leave, make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly. Don’t forget to floss, too. Flossing removes food particles stuck between your teeth, which can cause bad breath if left there. Using a toothbrush with a small head can help you reach all parts of your mouth.

Pack Travel-Sized Dental Supplies

It’s a good idea to bring a travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss with you on your journey. These items don’t take up much space and can be very handy if you need to freshen up during a stop or layover. Brushing your teeth after meals can help keep your breath fresh.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum

Chewing sugar-free gum is a great way to keep your breath fresh during a long journey. Chewing gum increases saliva production, which helps wash away food particles and bacteria in your mouth. Make sure to choose sugar-free gum to avoid tooth decay. Mint-flavored gum can also provide a pleasant smell.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is essential for fresh breath. A dry mouth can cause bad breath because there isn’t enough saliva to wash away food particles and bacteria. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout your journey. Avoid drinks that can dry out your mouth, such as coffee and alcohol. If you do drink these, follow them up with water.

Use Breath Mints or Fresheners

Breath mints or freshening strips can provide a quick fix for bad breath. They are small, easy to carry, and can freshen your breath instantly. Choose sugar-free options to avoid harming your teeth. Remember, though, that these are temporary solutions and should be used in addition to other methods like brushing and chewing gum.

Keep Your Mouth Moist

Besides drinking water, there are other ways to keep your mouth moist. Sucking on sugar-free candies can stimulate saliva production and help keep your mouth from drying out. Moisturizing mouth sprays are also available and can be useful during a long trip.

Use a Tongue Scraper

A lot of bacteria that cause bad breath can build up on your tongue. Using a tongue scraper can help remove these bacteria. Some toothbrushes come with a built-in tongue scraper on the back of the brush head. If yours doesn’t, you can buy a separate tongue scraper at most drugstores.