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Laser Dentistry Canton, TX

Technology continues to advance faster and faster in the modern world. This goes for dental technology, too. At Mill Creek Dental, we want to stay on top of the latest treatments and techniques to provide the best care possible. Laser dentistry is a general dentistry service revolutionizing treatment, particularly for gum conditions. It makes treatment faster and more comfortable.laser dental treatment in canton, texas

Laser Dentistry in Canton, TX

Laser dentistry has become increasingly popular as dentists realize the potential it can bring to their practice. Lasers can perform various treatments, eliminating the need for multiple solutions for different problems. Our office utilizes soft tissue lasers to treat issues with gums and lips.

Cosmetic Gum Procedures

When your smile is imbalanced, the soft tissue of the gums outweighs your teeth. This gives off the appearance of small teeth and a gummy smile. Laser dentistry is extremely precise, allowing us to contour gum tissue, exposing more of the tooth structure. It’s also helpful for uneven gumlines, where some teeth are more covered by gum tissue than others.

Gum Disease Treatment

One of the most common uses for dental lasers is treating gum disease. We can target bacteria and debris buildup in periodontal pockets with the laser’s light energy, which causes infections. If you already have damaged or diseased tissue, a dental laser can precisely target only the problem tissue, leaving all of the healthy tissue intact. It minimizes unneccesary damage, preventing the infection from spreading and promoting the healing process.


The frenulum is the tissue that connects the tongue to the base of the mouth and the lip to the gums. Some people are born with frenulums that are too tight, restricting mouth and tongue movement. These conditions are known as tongue and lip ties. The laser cuts through the too-tight tissue, releasing it and restoring the full range of motion to the tongue and lips.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry has various benefits that make it ideal compared to traditional methods. It’s incredibly precise, ensuring no healthy tissue around the treatment area is harmed. Many gum treatments require scalpels, causing more bleeding and a longer downtime after the procedure. With a laser, the energy cauterizes the area as it goes along, causing much less bleeding and no need for sutures.

Since there’s less bleeding, there is less downtime when the procedure is finished. Instead of multiple days of healing, you’ll feel pretty good right away. The energy ignites your body’s natural healing process, promoting clotting. Less trauma is done to the tissue, and there’s much less pain, too. Usually, we don’t even need to use a local anesthetic when we perform laser treatment. It’s very gentle and pleasant.

Particularly with gum disease cases, the laser sterilizes the area as it treats it. This prevents bacteria contamination and reduces the chance of further infection, ideal for patients with compromised immune systems. The clotting abilities benefit patients who are on blood thinners or have other blood conditions.

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