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Teeth Bonding Canton, TX

Dental bonding is a versatile dental procedure that can treat both restorative and cosmetic dental concerns. One of its best elements is that it can treat almost any surface concern you have with your teeth, improving both the appearance and the function. Your improved, bonded smile can last for years with proper care and maintenance.

dental bonding in canton, texas

Getting Teeth Bonding in Canton, TX

Teeth bonding is a simple procedure that only takes one visit to our office. However, we will have a consultation with you to ensure this is the best choice for your needs.

We discuss your medical history, cosmetic goals, and budget, along with doing a full examination of your mouth. We want to ensure you get the best treatment option for your specific conditions.

The bonding process starts by preparing the tooth for the bonding material. While the process shouldn’t be painful, we can use a local anesthetic to ensure you’re comfortable. We roughen the tooth’s surface so the material adheres to it better.

The bonding material is colored to match the shade of white you desire. It can match the shade of your smile or become brighter if you’re using it for whitening.

We mold the material onto your tooth, ensuring it looks natural in your smile. Once you and we are happy with the results, we use a special light to harden the material. We polish the surface so it matches the natural sheen of the rest of your teeth so that it blends in with your smile perfectly.

What Dental Bonding Can Treat

Bonding is one of the most versatile tools a dentist has. Traditionally, we treat tooth discoloration with professional whitening treatment. However, not all discoloration responds to traditional methods.

Teeth bonding is often an ideal solution because we color-match it to the shade you desire, and we can easily shape it to cover the entire tooth’s surface.

If you chip or crack a tooth, bonding is also suitable to repair this. We mold the material to fill the space that broke off. This protects the sensitive dental pulp and nerves exposed with a break. It also discourages bacteria from getting inside the tooth, causing infection.

Many people have teeth that are misshapen, disfigured, or too small for their smile. Not only can it make you insecure about smiling, but you may also experience functional limitations. Since we can mold bonding material, we can ensure you get the tooth shape and size that looks good in your smile and ensures full function.

This is also true for small gaps in between your teeth. We add the composite resin to the sides of your existing teeth, shaping it to look natural. If that isn’t successful, we can fully cover teeth while spreading the resin a bit wider to fill in those gaps.

For minor instances of tooth decay, bonding can serve as your filling. They make an ideal alternative to metal amalgam fillings, as they match the color of your teeth. This is especially beneficial for cavities in the front of your smile or on visible surfaces of your teeth.

Lastly, bonding can solve those with exposed tooth roots due to gum recession. When exposed, these areas are sensitive and aren’t aesthetically pleasing to your smile. Bonding eliminates the sensitivity and gives you back a smile you’re proud to show off.

The Benefits of Dental Bonding

One of the biggest benefits of dental bonding is how versatile it is. You can potentially treat multiple dental problems with a single treatment form. Not only do you get cosmetic benefits, but it also improves your oral function.

Bonding is a temporary solution that’s completely removable and reversible. Because of this, it’s even suitable for children suffering from oral health issues. It also makes it a good way to test a look or restoration.

We can always remove the material and replace it with something more permanent or correct any areas that no longer look good. However, bonding lasts several years if you take care of it properly.

Teeth bonding is a very affordable service, partially because it’s more temporary. It’s non-invasive, so you don’t have to pay for surgery or excessive tooth preparation time. Almost any patient is eligible for it.

It’s an ideal solution for patients with dental anxiety because there are no needles or drilling needed for this procedure. It’s quick and only requires about an hour per bonded tooth in our office.

See If Dental Bonding is Right for You

Is dental bonding the solution to your oral health needs? Call us or schedule an appointment online.